The services and support I provide fill the gap between Hospice and caregivers.  My work as an End - of -Life Doula does not replace Hospice but compliments their services.

During our initial consultation, together we can determine how I can best support you and your loved ones for this sacred passage.  We will focus on what is important to you, be it completing advanced directives, creating end of life or vigil plan.  Our goal will be to reduce emotional fatigue and enhance quality of life.

  • Education, information and resources

  •       Life review, reflection and legacy support

  •       Facilitate end-of-life planning and Best 3 Months Vision Map

  •       Mediation and advocacy so your wishes are honored

  •       Healing unresolved loss and grief 

  •       Guided meditation for pain and relaxation 

  •       Lifting the burden of the heart and easing family dynamics

  •       Creating sacred space as you and your loved ones face death

  •       Bereavement support